It’s time to stop slavery

Slavery is everywhere - but often not obvious. There are around 100,000 victims in the UK alone.

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Ban products tainted by slavery

Help end slavery by urging the Government to ban the import of products made with forced labour. 

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Slavery affects us all

Modern slavery can be in many things we take for granted, from the clothes we wear to our food and drink. 

Modern slavery takes many forms and includes sex trafficking, child exploitation and forced labour on farms and building sites.

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About the coalition

We’re the Coalition to Stop Slavery - a group of leading UK charities, all heavily involved in fighting human trafficking. For too long we’ve seen how slavery can destroy lives and communities. We’ve chosen to work together to raise awareness of the issue and to campaign for change.

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Ban all products tainted by forced labour

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Learn the signs

Learn the signs of slavery and how to report it

Learn the signs